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We understand that many families run into pet related behavior issues or puppy problems due to lack of house-training and include hyperactivity, nipping, destructive chewing, jumping on furniture or visitors in the home, eating feces, getting sick in the car, food aggression, whining, growling, protective toy issues or obsessive licking. The longer you wait the worse the undesirable behavior is exhibited by dogs between puppyhood through adolescence and then adulthood.

Many pet owners are frustrated and feel they have nowhere to turn to fix the situation. We are here to help pet owners resolve dog behavioral problem and help resolve the situation so the dog and family can live happily and harmoniously in the home.

A woman and her dog in the back of a car.

We recommend starting early if your dog exhibits a problem behavior. Some bad behaviors are due to inactivity and the dog is simply bored and has a lot of built up energy, and pet owners find it impossible to handle. Common dog behaviors are often misunderstood by the owner. The family mishandles the dog which further increases the chances of the dog from improving. If left unchecked, the behavior can worsen but with consistent corrective action, we believe your dog issues can be resolved.

AC Canine – We recommend balanced training and this top-rated training facility is owned and operated by one of our board members Alexa Chavez. Alexa and her brother Alex Chavez are passionate dog lovers and have many years of experience training dogs so they can be their best.

They offer puppy lessons that are 9 weeks – 14 weeks, private lessons 16 weeks or older and in addition offer three different levels of the finest training in Chicago from basic to premium to deluxe training.

Alexa and her Alex go beyond just teaching your dog basic manners; they build a foundation of respect between you and your pup. Training at their facility offers exercise development that includes a series of improving balance, mobility, flexibility, posture and core stability, core strength training, and endurance programs.

She has a full service training center and brings a professional and personal approach with specialized training techniques that help each dog in her care. She offers private lessons and will design a program that works for each family, from basic manners to advanced training. Her top priority is the well-being of every dog she trains. We are so happy to have her on the board of directors; she is extremely talented and knowledgeable with a full array training under her belt.

Contact: Alexa Chavez (708) 341-1087

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