McGee Memorial Fund -A farewell story of a special pet

In loving memory of my best friend McGee

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McGee was my soul brother and loyal friend for 18 years and I loved him with all my heart. He was always by my side and enjoyed playing with his many toys and loved to chase balls in the backyard. You used to run around with my kids as they laughed at your cute antics. You saw my kids grow up and we enjoyed the many years we had with you. Whether it was running around, eating your favorite chew toy, treat or just sitting by our side, we loved every minute of the time we had with you and we truly loved each other.

You taught our entire family to celebrate each other and every passing moment. You enriched my life and helped me with my low-self esteem. We instantly bonded and you were there when I lost my job, when we moved into our home and when I had my children and suddenly on your daughter’s 2nd birthday party, we lost you. I think I was in denial that you were as sick as you were, and you never let me believe you were in pain. You wagged your butt when you saw me come through the door. I remember the final moment and holding you in my arms and kissing your head. It took me 2 years until I felt like adopting again. But the emptiness you left inside of us was very deep. You were our pal and dedicated to making us happy.

I wanted to do something special in McGee’s memory and to honor his beautiful life and what he taught me. He gave us unconditional love and was a constant source of companionship with lots of playfulness and joy throughout our life. He taught me the greatest lessons in life and to live in the present moment. He had a gentle spirit and helped me to overcome my many fears. I wish more people knew my dog, because he had a kindness and accepted everyone that came into our home. Truly knew what a best friend is suppose to be. You never left my side through thick and thin, good and bad. We weathered the storm together, you and I.

Thanks McGee for making my life great and for helping me become a better person, just because I knew you. You shared your life with me and we are truly the lucky one. You made everyday better, happier and joyful. You never had a bad day and you made us smile every time we saw you. You were adventurous, loyal and ate like a champ. My heart is empty without you. I miss all your funny ways and gentle touch. You were a sweet wonderful dog that touched our life and heart in so many ways. You earned your angel wings McGee, fly free. You made everyday worthwhile and wonderful.

McGee you taught me:
  • To conquer the world
  • To not have self-criticism but have self-love
  • To not care what others think of me
  • To live in the moment and no matter what life throws my way, you will be there
  • To love others and myself
  • To treat everyone with respect and compassion
  • To enjoy life and love, protect and respect all animals
  • To never hold grudges
  • To play everyday
  • To open my mind to new ideas
  • To jump for joy and be happy
  • To stop and smell the roses
  • To live everyday with a purpose
  • To accept myself and others
  • To love everything about myself (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • To slow down
  • To be open myself to all possibilities
  • To celebrate others
  • To love all things
  • To get up and walk
  • To drink more water
  • To be loyal, loving and happy

McGee you never judged me for my mishaps, my troubles or my stupid ways. The past is gone, but your presence lives on inside me and I feel he is always by my side guiding me. You taught me to do right by others and to care and love all animals. To be compassionate, and enjoy the moment by accepting myself unconditionally.

I’ve enjoyed the journey with you McGee from your cute puppy years to your sweet old age; from our car rides together to playing fetch and swimming in the pool together. You were the love of my life and my first son before your human brothers came along. I will remember you today and always. We will one day be together again and I miss you dearly.

McGee you were my loyal companion, dependable friend and soulmate. Your death was so sad, tragic, and difficult and I miss him everyday. I was never ready or prepared to lose my best buddy. Your final life lesson that taught me McGee was to treat others how you would like to be treated. You enriched my life in so many ways, and I miss holding you in my arms.

I hope your running free at the Rainbow Bridge – run free with no pain. Play with the pack and go chase balls and have fun with your friends. Until we meet again.

I love McGee,

Your Mamma


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Losing a pet is extremely difficult and we wonder if we could of done something differently to try to save them. Our pets are family and heartbreaking when we have to say goodbye. We feel that we have lost a part of ourselves and mending the broken pieces and the hole they left behind takes time to heal, if it ever heals at all. Losing our four-legged companion is sad and like me you want to celebrate their life and honor their memory.

Many people like me, want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the world the dog or cat was their beloved companion and best friend. For this reason, we’ve created this page to share your memory of your pet with photos, stories and a snapshot of their life. Share your photos and story about your special furry friend in your life or of a friend or loved one that touched your heart in the many ways. We kissed your belly and you licked our face.

By donating to our rescue, we will honor your memory whether its your pet or the special person in your life. We will post with a memory card and your story will be shown on our Memorial Page for the world to read your story and the life of your pet or special person in your life that touched your heart.