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Our goal is to match the best animal to you, your family and your lifestyle.


Step 1: Enjoy looking at the available pets, by viewing our adoptable dogs on Petfinder and RescueMe.

Step 2: Decide which pet you would like to meet for a possible adoption.

Step 3: Fill out the adoption application at Perfectly Posh Paws | Adoption Application.

Step 4: We will schedule a meet/greet – You will then be introduced to the pet of your choice.

Step 5: If you fall in love – then a brief counseling session to cover the adoption benefits

You can view all our ADOPTABLE DOGS & CATS by clicking on the photo. Our furry friends are amazing and the photos you see are currently waiting for their forever home.



If you find a potential dog or cat that you would like to make part of your family, just fill out an adoption application at Perfectly Posh Paws | Adoption Application.

You have the option to download the application and email the form to us at or at and will we contact you as soon as possible.

We will then schedule a meet and greet so you can play with the dog you have chosen to be part of your family.

At the scheduled meets please remember to go slow and be patient, many dogs may need extra time to get comfortable.

In order to adopt one of our dogs or cats, we do require an application to be filled out completely, application will be reviewed and approved by one our team members.

A scheduled meet and greet, a background check, vet check and reference check including a home check will be necessary prior to adoption.

There is the adoption fee and a one time-donation fee and one of our team counselors will fill out an adoption contract.

Dog Adoption Fees:
  • Adoption Fee $475
  • Donation $100
Every adopter will receive a bag of food, educational packet, and a blanket.
All dogs are neutered/spayed, heart-worm checked and are up to date with shots.
Adoption Fee Includes:

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  • All dogs receive:
  • Rabbies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Deworming
  • Heartworm Test
  • Lyme and Tick Test
  • Dogs receive Heartworm and Lyme and Tick Medication
  • Senior dogs receive full blood test
  • Senior dogs may receive x-rays and/or ultrasound to confirm health
  • Female dogs are spayed
  • Males dogs are neutered
  • All dogs are microchipped
  • We will register the microchip with and also with the microchip company.
  • Dogs receive a bath
  • Dogs nails are cut and ears are cleaned
  • Collar, leash and harness may be given upon adoption. On a case by case basis.

We also require the Perfectly Posh Paws remain as a second party on all microchip information for the life of the dog or cat. Because our adoption policy includes follow-up home checks to guarantee the safety of each dog or cat, all Perfectly Posh Paws animals are available for adoption to residents in Illinois.

For Every Adoption, We Provide The New Family A Vignette Packet That Includes:

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A picture of your adopted pet

Online access to educational healthcare links
Local veterinarians
Boarding, groomers

Trainers and training facilities
20 useful pet Smartphone Apps
YouTube videos for useful pet related info
List of healthy food snack alternatives
Top 13 Pet GPS Tracker Devices for Cats and Dogs

Adoption Policies

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OurAdoptionDonation includes spay/neuter, micro chip and all up-to-date vaccinations are given to your furry friend prior to adoption.

Please understand that some of our rescues have come from dark pasts and because of this we want the perfect home for them.

Sometimes we may refuse placement of an animal – for a number of reasons and if we feel it is not a good fit or the safety of the animal is comprised.

We want the highest-most fulfilling quality of life for all our animals and will not adopt out to anyone if the dog or cat of the adopter is planning on keeping the dog or cat outside or plan on tethering the dog.

Each and every application received is carefully reviewed as we begin the process of possible permanent placement of our felines and canines.

We obviously want the best home possible; and on rare occasions, we may consider foster-to-adopt to ensure it’s a good match for both humans and their new four-legged pet.

We follow-up on each application within a 24-48 hour response time; however if you require an immediate call or a faster response please call our adoption line at 708.227.9337.

We are happy to accommodate special requests, or questions you may have.

We rely on your donation to care for all of the homeless dogs and cats in our care. Your adoption fee helps pay for the costs of veterinary care given to your dog or cat prior to adoption.

Some additional care our four-legged friends may receive heartworm care; flea care and prevention, fecal testing, prevention medicine. Remember you’re not buying a dog, you are making a donation.

Out-of-state adoption may be considered, but we do not shop our companion dogs or cats to their new adopted families, Families must make the necessary arrangements and come to our facility.

Meet and Greets are scheduled by our adoption counselor and required between the family and their new potential new pet.

If all goes well, we will schedule an in-home visit to check for safety of the dog in his/her new home.

After a week after adoption, we will follow-up with the family to make sure there are no issues, if so, we will work together to resolve them.

In a month will do another check-in with the new adopters and visit with the family.

If for any reason, the family is unable to care for the dog; we will take back our Perfectly Posh pooch to ensure he is in a safe, responsible foster home until he is again adopted.

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If you adopt a dog you get to take a picture with it on our pink couch!

Adoption Application

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