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We offer volunteer-based educational volunteer visits upon request to wherever you need us to be in the community. We can come to your bridal shower, wedding reception, work event or team outing. Our pups and kitties love to visit our community.

Please fill out the form at the bottom form if you would like us to speak to your next party or event.

  • You can call our Educational Director at 708.227.9337 to discuss your needs and what your group may be looking for: We can custom design a visit that works for you and your group.
  • We would ask for a $75 donation to our rescue to help us continue to raise puppy mill awareness and to help us grow our programs in the community.

The topics we can speak about:

1) The Dog Rescue Industry and Animal Welfare
  • What is a rescue dog?
  • What you can do to help
  • How to have a successful adoption
  • Puppy mills and how you can get involved
2) Breed Specific Legislation
  • What is breed specific legislation?
  • Which dogs are targeted and why
  • Bully Breed Information and how we can work together
3) Dog Bite Prevention
  • Dog and Kid Safety Tips
  • Recognizing signs of stress in dogs
  • Dog bite statistics and information
4) Information and Care of Dogs and Puppies
  • Domestic dogs and various breeds
  • Raising a healthy and happy puppy
  • Nutritional needs and basic healthcare
5) A Visit with our Friendly Rescue Pups

Our rescue dogs that have worked with children of all ages can visit your b-day party, wedding or work event; or if we have available rescue puppies we can bring (upon request only) to your event.

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